Dr. Charles W. Mercier, Orthopedic surgeon - Chicago Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

Like his other colleagues, Dr. Mercier emphasizes the conservative management of orthopedic problems, and is very sensitive to the cost of medical care. When all else fails, excellent and time honored surgical solutions are provided for the patient's consideration. Our doctors are here to put you first, and give you the best possible treatment on your road to recovery.

Dr. Charles W. Mercier Bio

Charles Mercier, MD

Dr. Charles W. Mercier has been board certified in Orthopedic Surgery since 1977. He received his orthopedic training at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Following graduation, he continues to provide his patients with excellent medical care in his private practice at Chicago Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. During his many years of service, he was on the academic staff at Northwestern University, and continues to provide teaching and guidance to resident orthopedic surgeons from the University of Illinois at Illinois Masonic Hospital. He has participated in numerous continuing medical education programs and promotes safety in the delivery of medical service. Through many years of experience, he has gained an extensive knowledge of not only the science of medicine, but the art of patient care. As a general orthopedic surgeon, he provides a wide range of services including minimally invasive and arthroscopic surgery. He does the majority of hand procedures for the practice, but enjoys seeing folks with any orthopedic problem.


  • Hand Surgery Including carpal tunnel, tendon and nerve injuries, fractures and reconstructive procedures)
  • Arthroscopies of multiple joints
  • Total knee arthroplasty
  • Conservative medical care of spinal problems
  • Upper and lower extremity trauma and treatment of sports injuries

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